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Providing innovative Control Room solutions tailored to your organizations needs. Calsius Solutions
Visualisation and Collaboration
In the design of control rooms, we address cardinal requirements for Visualisation and Collaboration, and propose the most relevant and cost-effective solutions tailored to the unique operating context of each customer. Solutions such as Video Wall Solutions, KVM switching technologies, and wireless collaboration enhance the situational and informational awareness and enable quick and effective responses to be made in the most efficient way.
Safe and Smart City Solutions
Safe and Smart City Solutions enable the Control Room to collect and manage information effectively and efficiently. The deployment of smart and safe city solutions such as Intelligent surveillance, Video analytics, Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) enables decisions to be made based on accurate, relevant and timely information, and deploy scarce resources optimally to where it truly matters.
Human Factors and Ergonomics
By implementing ISO 11064 best practices, our human-centric approach recognises the importance of functional and task analyses while taking into consideration the control room layout, lightings, acoustics, material finishes, specialised technical furniture and ergonomic chairs in our design.
About Us

Calsius Solutions is the premier control room solutions specialist.

We deliver turnkey solutions for smart and safe city projects, we leveraged on the latest concepts and technologies to address the challenging needs of our clients with the highest professional standards. Our client based includes verticals that span across the domains of Enterprise, Public Safety and Security, Transportation, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Air Traffic Control.


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At Calsius we offer quality services for our clients ranging from Risk and Security Consultancy to providing Smart and Safe City Solutions to the designing and building of Control and Data Rooms.
We provide information and analysis of the risks and opportunities for our clients by giving ...

Risk Consultancy

We provide our clients with smart and safe city solutions catered to their business’s needs. ...

Smart and Safe City Solutions

We design and equip control and data rooms catered specifically towards your industry and business ...

Control and Data Rooms

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